JSP 2.0 SVG Example

This example uses JSP 2.0's new, simplified JSPX syntax to render a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) document. When you view the source, notice the lack of a <jsp:root> element! The text to be rendered can be modified by changing the value of the name parameter.

SVG has many potential uses, such as searchable images, or images customized with the name of your site's visitor (e.g. a "Susan's Store" tab image). JSPX is a natural fit for generating dynamic XML content such as SVG.

To execute this example you will need a browser with basic SVG support. Any remotely recent browser should have this.

  1. Use this URL: textRotate.jspx?name=JSPX
  2. Customize by changing the name=JSPX parameter

The following is a screenshot of the resulting image, for those using a browser without SVG support:
[Screenshot image]